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Custom Beetle with Suzuki Samurai engine

What? are you serious? Custom Volkswagen Beetle with Suzuki Samurai engine? Are you kidding me? Here comes the best answer for all these questions from Rakesh Babu the owner of the only custom made Volkswagen Beetle in India. He proudly says that "I hate to buy things instead I love to make things in my style"

Modification and Upgrades

  • Tires of an autorickshaw

  • The used engine of a Suzuki Samurai

  • Custom build reverse gear

  • Custom made side mirrors, head, and tail lamps

  • Custom made steering wheel, fuel, and speedometer

  • Leather interior works

Detailed Review:

"I can't afford a Volkswagen Beetle so I built one for me," says Rakesh Babu.

The custom made Volkswagen beetle is built with a Suzuki samurai a two-stroke engine. It is designed and built by Mr. Rakesh Babu from Cherthala of Alappuzha district, Kerala. His love and passion for modifications from childhood made him create his dream car for himself. He spent around 6 months to build his project from scratch. The body of the car is made with metal sheets and other parts of the car built from using the scarp materials. The car has custom made reverse gear and autorickshaw tries are used in this custom made Volkswagen Beetle.

To know more about Rakesh Babu and his works follow him @https://www.instagram.com/stunt_vend/

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