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Red Blood Mafia The Best Modified Volkswagen Polo TDI From Kerala

Hell yeah, it's a code 6 stage 2 tuned beast with Quarter Mile - 15.9s timing and features the maximum power of 165bhp @ 4400 and maximum torque of 295nm@1500rpm. Featuring the red blood mafia a 2015 Volkswagen Polo TDI comes with 1.5 Litre turbocharged diesel engine which produces the maximum power of 103 bhp @ 4400 rpm and maximum torque of 250 Nm @ 1500 rpm. The comes with 5speed manual gearbox and drives to the top speed of 185kmph in stock condition. Read on to on more about the modifications and upgrades are done to the beast and follow the modified monsters to know more about modified cars in India.

Modifications and Upgrades

• Code6Tuning Custom ECU Tune (with Launch Control)

• Code6Tuning Side-exit Exhaust System

• Code6Tuning Intercooler Plumbing

• BMC Replacement Filter

• D2 Racing Suspension Upgrade

• Audi S1 Big Brake Kit (288mm) with EBC Rotors & Yellow Stuff Brake Pads

• 17" Lenso Rims Wrapped in 205/40/17 Nankang Rubber

• Aftermarket Projector Headlamps & LED Tail Lamps

Detailed Review

Have you ever seen a beast built wildly by Kerala's leading tunning team? Featuring custom-built modified Volkswagen Polo tuned from expert hands of code 6 Kochi team. The beast has done with Code6 custom ECU tune (with Launch Control) and side-exit exhaust system which delivers more power to the beast. Its Audi S1 big brake kit (288mm) with EBC Rotors & Yellow stuff brake pads maximise rigidity, pedal feel, and overall braking performance. The beast has 17" Lenso rims wrapped up with 205/40/17 Nankang rubber. The beast is owned by Mr Jackson James an automotive enthusiast and founder of Jackson James Photography. Follow him to know more about the beast and its future upgrades and follow the modified monsters to know more about the modified cars in India.

Why Audi S1 big brake kit for Volkswagen Polo?

This Big Brake Kit Audi S1 SPORTBACK reduces the braking range by the strong braking force. This kit is furnished with "Sport" callipers and "Fixing" brake discs with dimensions 330x32mm.

Why custom After Market Head Lamps for Volkswagen Polo?

Aftermarket headlamps remain significantly brighter than reflector headlights and they are much limited likely to blind impending drivers.

Why Do You Need To Tune Your Car?

Code 6 custom tune will allow you to get each last drop of horsepower from your beast and are habitually tuned more aggressively than a canned tune will be.

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