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The Blue Volks

Featuring India's only customized kingfisher blue Volkswagen Vento from "Spice Garden of India" (Kerala). It's a 2013 Volkswagen Vento with 1.6L diesel engine which produces the maximum power of 103.2bhp@5250rpm and maximum torque of 153Nm@3800rpm. The beast accelerates to from 0-60 kmph: 5.09secs and 0-100 kmph: 12.18 and reaches the top speed of 186kmph. Read on to know more about the modifications and upgrades are done to the beast and follow the modified monsters to know more about the modified beast in your city.

Modifications and Upgrades

•Performance unlocked stage II

•Webasto sunroof

•17" GTR rims wrapped in low profile tyres

•Golf edition kit

•Tokomo lips

•Custom body kit

•Porsche kingfisher blue

•Audi type aftermarket headlamps

Detailed Review

The blue beauty is a stage 2 performance-tuned beast with webasto sunroof which makes the car look more sumptuous. The beast is clothed with a Porsche kingfisher blue paint which makes it more unique. It has Audi type aftermarket headlamps which give a perfect eye look. It has a custom body kit with 17" GTR rims wrapped in low profile tyres gives the beast a hot toast look. It is owned by Mr.Abhishanth Pallath an automotive enthusiast has a huge fan base over Kerala. People never fail to say "adi poli" when they see this beast in the roads of Kerala. To know more about the beast and its future upgrades follow Mr.Abhishanth Pallath @bluevolks.

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