• John Wesley

The Firefly Best Modified Dodge Challenger R/T

Have you ever seen a beast with strong straight-line accelerators and with firefly look? Featuring Dodge Challenger R/T with 5.7 Liter V-8 engine which produces the maximum power of 375 hp @ 5150 rpm and maximum torque of 410 ft-lbs. @ 4300 rpm. The burnout machine has a six-speed manual gearbox, while a paddle-shifting eight-speed auto can be specced for some extra dough. The beast accelerates from 0 - 100 kmph in 5.1 seconds and reaches to the top speed of 227 kmph in stock condition and it comes with a rear-wheel-drive train. Coming up to the modification the beast has ultimate upgrades which makes it more persuasive. The beast has airlift performance air suspension and illuminated badge from X-lume. Under its hood, the beast has engine bay dress-up kit from 3gcustomz. And its @centerlinewheels are wrapped with flat rubbers. The beast is sculptured from the expert hands of @mk 1_uae. The Firefly is owned by Mr George Mathew who is the founder/president of dodge club UAE. To know more about the beast and its future upgrades follow Mr George Mathew @josh_udc_punisher. Read on to know the mods and specs done of the beast and follow the modified monsters to know more about the modified beast in your city.

List Of Modifications Done To The Beast:

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