The Green Venom

The Green Venom is a 2017 model BMW M4 Coupe powered with a 3-litre (2979 cc) 24V Mpower twin power turbo engine with 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. There are six cylinders with four valves per cylinder; which offer a Maximum power of 431 bhp at a rate of 5500-7300 rpm, and the maximum attainable torque is 550 Nm at a rate of 1850-5500 rpm in the stock condition. Modified cars in Chennai: The car gets a stage 1 performance tune with a Carbon Fiber Air Intakes and the Non-Resonated Cat-Back Exhaust system informs your arrival to your neighbours. The Green Venom delivers a maximum power of 560BHP and a maximum torque of 680NM. The car gets a Carbon Fiber Roof and a BBS Rims which presents a flawless look to the car. This M4 monster gets a Diamond Green shade wrap which transforms it as a deadly Green Venom. The car is owned by Mr. Akkineni Anand Prasad, to know the regular update the Green Venom do-follow Mr. Akkineni Anand Prasad

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