• John Wesley

The Green Viper

"Don't be so mean, just go green" this quote suits well for this beast! Featuring the green viper from God's Own Country (Kerala) from RK's garage. It's a 2007 model Honda civic with a 1.8L petrol engine with 4 Cylinders Inline which produces the maximum power of 130 bhp @ 6300 rpm and maximum torque of 171.62 Nm @ 4300 rpm. The beast comes with a 5speed manual gearbox and front-wheel drive. Modified cars in Kerala: Read on to know more about the modifications and upgrades are done to the beast and follow the modified monsters to know more about the hidden beasts in your city.

Modifications and Upgrades

  • 235/40/18 flat rubber wrapped in custom alloys

  • Sony music system with dual amp and woofer

  • Airlift air suspension

  • CRZ body kit

  • Custom widebody

  • Custom head and tail lights

  • Fully furnished interior

  • Custom RPM meter

  • Custom Sporty seats

Detailed Review:

It's all about the green viper with a sensuous look which attracts people to fall in love with it! The green viper gets it's a sensual look by its custom widebody and CRZ body kit. Under its widebody kit, the beast has 235/40/18 flat rubber wrapped up on the custom 10j alloys and Airlift air suspension from N1 concepts. Custom head and tail lights of the beast gives out a sinister eye look of the beast. Looking into its interior part the beast has a fully furnished leather interior plus custom sporty seats and RPM meter. It has a Sony music system with dual amp and woofer for music aficionados to enjoy the bass. The beast is owned by Mr Rk and to know more about the beast and its future upgrades follow him @_rk_666_. Also, read The Green Venom.

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