This Muscular POLO GT is a 2016 model VOLKSWAGEN POLO GT powered with a 1.5-litre, 4 Cylinder In-line, turbocharged diesel engine. It has a five-speed manual transmission gearbox, which transmits the engine power to front wheels. This Polo GT is one of the finest modified Widebody POLO GT in Chennai, the car is perfectly muscled up by the team MOTORAGE, Read on to know more about the GT ON STEROIDS.

Modifications And Upgrades

  • Custom widebody kit from MOTORAGE

  • R-line body kit

  • Custom bonnet

  • Custom front lip

  • R-line grill

  • Aftermarket BMW headlamps

  • Aftermarket taillamps

  • Custom dip painted interior

  • Custom gear shifter

Detailed Review

This POLO GT has an insane muscled up wide-body kit makes the car unique from your daily driven GT, the car doesn't have any performance upgrade but the still this car stand ahead than your VW POLO. The exterior of this car is upgraded with an R-Line body kit with a custom bonnet, custom front lip and an R-line grill. The aftermarket BMW style headlamps and taillamps give the car a more aggressive look. This car has a Badass custom dip painted interiors and a custom gear shifter gives a sporty look to the interior. The car is perfectly muscled by the team MOTORAGE, team MOTORAGE is a leading automotive garage in Chennai. They offer the best service for Modification, Bodyworks, custom Paint jobs, Car accessories, wrapping and each and everything you require for your car. They modified the Tamil Nadu's best widebody VW POLO GT, the car has a perfect own house designed custom widebody kit which makes the car to look on Steroids. Some may call a car with just customized fender a “widebody,” but it’s generally a car with wider quarter panels and fenders qualify as a true widebody car. Do follow MOTORAGE to customize your dream car.

The owner of the MUSCLED POLO GT, Mr DINESH SATHYA BERNARD says his MUSCLED POLO GT is Built with passion, Not for status. Yes, it takes a lot of struggles to build a perfect Widebody car and only passionate car guy choose risks involved in a wide-body vehicle.

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