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The Necromancer

Have you ever seen a beast with insane upgrades which gives you adrenal rush? Featuring the Necromancer a 2009 Skoda Laura 1.8 Tsi with TOT Performance Tune and powered by ICD customs. The beast has a 1.8-litre petrol engine which produces the maximum power of

160 PS or 158 bhp or 118 kW @ 4500-6200 rpm and maximum torque of 250.0 Nm or 184 lb.ft @ 4500-6200 rpm and comes with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Don't think it's your regular family car! But it's a power-packed daily driven beast which accelerates to the top speed of 267kmph. The beast is a Stage 3+ TOT performance-tuned where it produces the maximum power of 350hp and maximum torque of 460nm. It has a 3" SS performance downpipe with 3" Milltek Catback exhaust system which gives out a perfect eargasm. The beast has Racingline front and rear anti-roll bars, sport shock and sport springs. Its 17-inch Borbet wheels 17x8J are wrapped with Michelin PS4 rubber. The beast is owned by Mr Ashwin Durai who is the CEO of ICD tuning Chennai. Modified cars in Chennai: To know more about the beast and its future upgrades follow him @nameisak_ and to get your car tuned just check out @icd_tuning.chennai. Read on to know about the modifications done to the beast and follow the modified monsters to know more about the hidden beast in your city.

Modifications and upgrades

- Stage 3+ TOT Performance Tune

~ 350hp/460nm tq

- K04 Hybrid Turbo

- Uprated Wastegate

- 500 HP FMIC

- Custom Twin cooler plumbing kit

- Turbosmart Diverter Valve

- Unitronic DV relocation

- S3 Ignition Coil pack

- Colder Iridium Spark plugs

-Integrated Engineering PCV delete and Oil Catch Can

- Racingline Cold Air Intake

- Stage 3 Custom Turbo inlet pipe

- Adjustable Short Shifter

- Weighted Gear knob

- 3" SS Performance Downpipe with 3" Milltek Catback Exhaust system

- 3" Borla Resonator

- OEM+ Stiffer Top mounts

- OEM+ Anti Lift Kit

- Racingline Front and Rear Anti Roll Bars

- Racingline Sport Shocks

- Racingline Sport Springs

- Adjustable Sway Links

- Custom Subframe and Rear Axel Stiffening kit

- ESP Retrofit

- Electronic Differential Lock

- Stage 5 Spec Clutch

- EBC Blade style 312 mm Front Rotors

- Brembo 4 Piston Brake Caliper Front

- OEM 282 mm Rear Brake kit

- RP1 Race Pads Front

- Hawk Performance Pads Rear

- DOT 5.1 Braking Fluid

- EBC Braided Brake Lines

- Mythos Black paint job

- Customized Headlights with bigger Projectors

- LED Tail Lights

- 17" Borbet Wheels 17x8J

- Michelin PS4 Rubber

- VRS Spoiler

- VRS Front Bumper

- Android Head unit


- Flat Bottom Steering wheel with controls

- Cruise control Retrofit °

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