• John Wesley

The Offroading Appachan

Ever seen early 90's jeep with a monarch look? Introducing the offroading Appachan the best moded 90's jeep climbing the hills of Kerala. Mr Appachan a fully restored 1993 model Mahindra Major International Di which comes with a 4 wheel drive and 5speed manual gearbox. It has a gorgeous with custom made off-road bull bar and bumper. Its matt grey paint job gives him real men look. The beast has a snorkel air intake system with a power filter which moves the engine air intake from under your hood, to roof height. Main advantages of the snorkel air intake system increase less chance of water entering the engine when crossing rivers and helps engine performance. Its clasps a custom Made Doors and uplifted 5th wheel fixed on the backside in a sliding manner. And finally, its 15 inches” black rims are wrapped with Centara terrena mt rubbers and installed with power disc brakes which gives the car a perfect look. He is proudly owned by Mr Navinkrishnan an automotive enthusiast turned his old beast to look like a new branded one. Follow him to know more about the future upgrades and modifications were done to the beast @n_a_v_i_n_n7

Modifications and upgrades

•Custom Made Off-road Bull Bar And Bumper

•Power Disc Brakes

•Snorkel Air Intakes With Power Filter

•15” Black Rims With Red Line

•Matt Grey Paint Job

•White HID Fog Lamps With Yellow Mask

•LED Head Lights

•LED Brake Lights

•4 Seat Capacity

•Custom Made Doors

•Uplifted 5th Wheel Fixed On The Back Side In A Sliding Manner

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