The PSYCHEDELIC M-Sport is a 2018 model BMW 730d M Sport powered with a 3.0 Litre Inline-6 Diesel engine with an Automatic - 8 Gears transmission, Dual Clutch, Manual Override & Paddle Shift and Sport Mode. The car produces a maximum power of (bhp@rpm) 262 bhp @ 4000 rpm and the maximum torque of (Nm@rpm) 620 Nm @ 2000 rpm in the stock condition. What's the special about The PSYCHEDELIC M-Sport, this BMW 730d M Sport is the first car to get 3M Psychedelic Body Wrap in India and the car gets a BMC Intake Filter with M-Performance Brake Kit. The car runs on a 20” Vossen HF Rims Wrapped in 255/40/20 (F) & 295/35/20 (R) Rubber. The car is owned by Mr Reswin Nazeer from God's own country Kerala. Do follow Mr Reswin Nazeer to know the regular update about The PSYCHEDELIC M-Sport.

Modifications And Upgrades

• BMC Intake Filter

• M-Performance Brake Kit

• 20” Vossen HF Rims Wrapped in 255/40/20 (F) & 295/35/20 (R) Rubber • 3M Psychedelic Body Wrap

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