• John Wesley

The Red Blood Bad Ass Chevy Cruze

Ever seen a Red Blood Bad Ass monster flying the road? Introducing the Red Blood Bad Ass Chevy Cruze with a 2.0 diesel engine. It produces the Max Power of 147.9bhp@4000rpm and Max Torque 327Nm@2600rp. The beast files to the top speed of 210 kmph and goes 0-60 mph in 8.2 seconds and 0-100 km/h 8.7 seconds in stock condition. Read on to know more about the red blood badass and follow the modified monsters to know more about modifieds beasts in your city.

Modifications and upgrades:

Chevrolet Cruze 2.0 diesel

• Custom wide body kit

• Stage 1 performance tune

• Custom hood

• Custom lip spoiler

• Akrapovic exhaust tips

•18" 10j rims wrapped in low profile rubber

• Red paint job

• Aftermarket head and tail lamps

•Custom front bumper

•Custom back bumper and diffuser

Detailed Review:

Featuring the badass with pure blood-red painted Chevrolet Cruze. I bet you may hunger for not getting a Chevrolet Cruze after seeing this beast. The red blood badass has 18" 10j rims wrapped in low profile rubber under its custom widebody kit which adds a fat chick look to it. And it's aftermarket headlamps and the custom hood fits a demon look to it. The custom back bumper and diffuser gives a perfect booty look to the car. It's Stage 1 performance-tuned beast with Akrapovic exhaust tips installed which gives a perfect eargasm for you. If you guys wanna know where the beast got sculptured? The Red blood beast gets its badass look worked the by the team 360motoringkollam from Kerala. Mr ameen_mohd To know more about the future upgrades of the beast follow him @ameen_mohd6.

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