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The Tornado

Featuring the Suzuki Zen (1.6 Litre G16B Engine Swap) built at @raceconcepts India. Sorry kids it isn't your regular family car! It's a 2002 Maruti Zen with 1.6-litre G16B engine swapped beast with stage 3 race concepts head upgrade and race concepts short ratio gearbox and upsized throttle body. The beast has a BMC intake system and race concepts side exit exhaust system which gives out a perfect eargasm.

Cobra lowering springs give out a perfect lowered look for the beast and its fibre composite lightweight hood gives a sensual look. It's 14” 6.5J rims are wrapped with 185/55/14 Rubber and it has Dixcel brake upgrade for better braking performance. The beast is owned by Mr Joseph to know more about the beast and its future upgrades follow him at @j_o_j_o_5t. Modified cars in Kerala.

Modifications and Upgrades

•Stock G16B ECU with Stock Air Fuel Ratio

• Stage 3 Race Concepts Head Upgrade

• Race Concepts Short Ratio Gearbox

• Race Concepts Upsized Throttle Body

• Race Concepts Side Exit Exhaust System

• BMC Intake System

• Light Weight Flywheel

• Upgraded Oil Pump

• Upsized Fuel Pump

• Adjustable Timing Wheel with High Compression

• Exedy Clutch Upgrade

• Cobra Lowering Springs

• Adjustable Chassis Brace

• Dixcel Brake Upgrade

• 14” 6.5J Rims Wrapped in 185/55/14 Rubber

• Fibre Composite Light Weight Hood

• Racing Seats Upgrade

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