• John Wesley

The Vintage Badass

The ultimate dark grey cobra! You may fall in love with it on your first sight. (Warning: You may sell yourself to buy this beast) Featuring about the legendary American car that vanished for 30 years and still shines with an aesthetic look. Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe has an (Engine swapped) 6.2L LS3 engines to the 7.0L LS7, with superchargers hidden under its hood. The beast has a larger-displacement blower, which provides 1,200 horsepower to the beast. The performance of the beast is transmitted using 6 gear Tremec racing gearbox. It has BBS RS forged wheels 9 × 18 "with 245 / 40 ZR18, HA: 11,5 × 18 "With 315 / 30 ZR18 with millimetre precision in the wheel arch and DAX COBRA 427 hardtop which makes the beast to look more classic. The metallic-grey painted body with diverging lines in the middle and it's flat black coated obligatory side pipes delivers an aesthetic look to the car. The beast is sculptured by CN Racing GmbH team who expert in sculpting the legendary Cobra. To know more about the modified cars and bikes in your city follow the modified monsters.

Modifications and Upgrades

  • DAX COBRA 427 hardtop

  • Custom giant Whipple blower

  • BBS RS forged wheels

  • Dark grey metallic paint job

  • Custom hood

  • Engine tuned from CN Racing GmbH

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